A network of emerging sacramental
    practitioners and dreamers.
To worship, recharge,
    share ideas, pray and support in mission.

The Sanctum Collective is a coming together of various strands of creative mission, worship and community: Alternative Worship, Sacramental Fresh Expressions, New Monasticism and Anglo-Catholic Renewal.

We are found in diverse roles and contexts, Parish Churches, Cathedrals, Chaplaincy, New Communities and Church Plants. Sanctum is a partner of the Transcendence Trust.

Sanctum is not a formed sodality or society. The most important thing about Sanctum is that Sanctum exists - we are connected with others who inhabit a similar space and share a centre.

Rhythm of life:

We are committed to:

Sanctuary - a commitment to place and community (geographic & cultural) and God's mission within that context.

Sacrament - the fullness of the sacramental in the life of the church.

Connection - as individuals and as a network we are available to support and resources others especially through Sanctum Connect

When I found Sanctum Connect
    I felt like I had found my people.
        - Sanctum Participant


We gather on Zoom and 

  • Share what we are doing and how it is feeding us. 
  • We listen and ask questions.
  • We finish on time.


When we gather in person to experience mission & community through life changing sacraments.


  • We join in conversation.
  • We listen for the voice of God.


  • We bring a story to share.
  • We are all contributors.


  • We prepare by bringing a prayer station for the main worship space.
  • We make space for Creative and Creating Worship, Anointing and Prayer.