A network of emerging sacramental
    practitioners and dreamers.
To worship, recharge,
    share ideas, pray and support in mission.

The Sanctum Collective is a coming together of various strands of creative mission, worship and community: Alternative Worship, Sacramental Fresh Expressions, New Monasticism and Anglo-Catholic Renewal.

We recognise that Pioneers are found in diverse roles and contexts, Parish Churches, Cathedrals, Chaplaincy, New Communities and Church Plants. We recognise that Sacramental Mission is naturally at home in a blended economy.

We hold a main gathering yearly in July at Mirfield which is open to any who wish to contribute.

As individuals and as a network we are available to support and resources others especially through Sanctum Connect.

Sanctum is part of the Transcendence Trust.

When I found Sanctum Connect
    I felt like I had found my people.
        - Sanctum Participant


Discuss. Share. Worship

Whenever we gather we experience Mission & Community through life changing sacraments.

In worship, in conversation, in listening to the voice of God.

Everyone who comes to Sanctum is a participant.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to bring a prayer station for the main worship space.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to bring a story to share as we extend our Show and Tell sessions.

There is space for creative worship and creating worship.

There is space for retreat

There is space for anointing and prayer.